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On-camera courses:

On-camera courses at our acting school provide practical training and instruction to help aspiring actors master the skills needed for performing in front of a camera. Students learn techniques for portraying characters effectively, camera awareness, blocking, movement, and connecting with other actors on screen. These courses offer hands-on experience, scene work, and mock auditions to equip actors with the knowledge and confidence required for acting for the camera.


Self-tape courses:

Self-tape courses at our acting school are designed to teach aspiring actors how to create professional-quality audition tapes from the comfort of their own homes. These courses provide instruction on camera setup, lighting, framing, and editing techniques to ensure actors present themselves effectively on screen. Students learn how to analyze scripts, make character choices, and deliver compelling performances through the medium of self-taped auditions. With hands-on practice and feedback, self-tape courses equip actors with the skills and confidence necessary to stand out in today's digital audition landscape.

Technique courses:

Technique courses at our acting school are designed to transform aspiring actors into well-rounded performers. These courses focus on honing essential skills such as voice control, movement, improvisation, character analysis, and scene work. With a strong emphasis on technique and discipline, our instructors guide students through exercises and drills that help them master the foundations of acting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor looking to refine your craft, our technique courses will provide you with the tools and knowledge to excel on stage and screen.

acting school in los angeles
acting school in los angeles
acting school in los angeles
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