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Genetic Acting Academy, a subsidiary of Genetic Models Management, is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of actors and talents for television and on-camera commercials. Our mission is to provide world-class training and development for aspiring performers, honing their skills to excel in the dynamic and competitive entertainment industry.

Learn and Earn Program: At Genetic Acting Academy, we provide our students with the exclusive opportunity to gain real-world experience and earn income while they study. Through our partnership with Genetic Models Management, students are given the chance to audition and work on actual projects, honing their skills and building their resumes in front of the camera.

Holistic Talent Development: We focus on developing well-rounded actors by integrating emotional intelligence, physical, and mental resilience into our training programs, ensuring our students are prepared for the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry.

Strong Industry Reputation: Backed by the success and reputation of Genetic Models Management, our acting academy benefits from a wealth of experience, knowledge, and industry connections. This gives our students a competitive edge when pursuing their acting careers.

Tailored Career Guidance: Our experienced instructors and career counselors provide personalized guidance to each student, helping them navigate their acting journey and make informed decisions about their career paths.

Diverse Networking Opportunities: Through our association with Genetic Models Management, we offer unparalleled access to industry events, auditions, and networking opportunities, connecting our students to influential professionals in the entertainment world.

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