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Terms and conditions

1. Payment: Students agree to make payments for the chosen courses or services offered by the acting school through the provided payment methods on the website. All payments must be made in full and in the currency specified.


2. Refunds: The acting school understands that circumstances may change, and students may require refunds. Refund requests must be made in writing within 3 days of purchasing the program. The acting school reserves the right to review and approve refund requests on a case-by-case basis.


3. Course Changes/Cancellations: The acting school reserves the right to modify, reschedule, or cancel any course or service offered. In the event of such changes, students will be notified in a timely manner, and alternative options may be provided. If a course or service is canceled by the acting school, students will be entitled to a refund or a credit towards future courses/ services.


4. Intellectual Property: All materials, including but not limited to videos, audios, scripts, exercises, and course content, provided by the acting school are protected by intellectual property rights. Students agree not to distribute or share any copyrighted material without prior written consent from the acting school.


5. Conduct: Students are expected to maintain a respectful and professional conduct throughout their interaction with the acting school, instructors, and fellow students. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of access to the courses or services, without refund.


6. Limitation of Liability: The acting school will not be held liable for any loss, injury, or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from the use of its website, courses, or services. Students are responsible for their personal safety and well-being during any physical activities associated with the courses or services.


7. Privacy: The acting school values the privacy of its students and will handle personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Students' personal information will be collected, used, and stored securely for the purpose of course registration and communication.


8. Professional Opportunities: Acting Academy by Genetic does not guarantee any casting or job opportunities with our partners at Genetic Models Management. While we strive to provide our students with industry connections and exposure, securing professional opportunities is ultimately dependent on factors beyond our control.

9.Likeness Usage Authorization Clause: By joining our courses, students authorize the Acting academy to utilize their likeness recorded footage related to the Academy's courses for social media website platforms.

10.Automatic Payment Authorization Clause: Students authorize the Acting Academy to automatically collect payments every two weeks or monthly based on the purchase plan. To cancel the auto payment, a week advanced notice is required.

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